Posted by: bluesyemre | May 18, 2013

DataEDGE Conference – A new vision for data science , May 30–31, 2013 Berkeley, CA

  • The UC Berkeley School of Information’s DataEDGE conference will bring you up to speed quickly on the current state of the data revolution.  You will hear from leading experts in the field  about the way organizations are using data to address business and societal issues, about the challenges of working with data at scale,  and about the most pressing questions and debates facing data scientists today. This conference is not just for technologists and math geeks;DataEDGE brings together social scientists, computer scientists, policy-makers, designers, and artists for an intimate two-day conference to assess the current state of data science and the data revolution.



  1. Concise. I’d like to know more though. In what ways will Data Processing change? I’d attend the conference but it’s a ways away… Check out my (Other) Blog at: I take interest in Nanotechnology, Photography and such… Give me a shout. All images are free :O)


  2. Wrong address! LOL! Just click on spartacus2030 beside my profile pic. You’ll get there that way. What an impressive list of categories! Astronomy too? I could be here all day.


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