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Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information


  1. Center for Digital Storytelling
  2. Creative Educator– 4 articles on digital storytelling
  3. Digital Directors Guild– assists educators with their digital storytelling projects
  4. Digital Storytelling in the Classroom– from Microsoft Education
  5. Digital Storytelling in Language Arts
  6. Digital Storytelling in the Science and Math Classroom
  7. Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators– 120 page pamphlet (download) written by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano (Creative Commons Attribution 2.5)
  8. The Elements in Digital Storytelling
  9. The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
  10. Integrating Digital Storytelling in Your Class Resources
  11. Making Stopmotion Movies– information on how to create stopmotion and claymation moviesTech4Learning Blog– lots of wonderful posts regarding ways to tell stories, including claymation

Online Tools

  1. 100+ Digital Storytelling Tools for Your Digital Selves part I
  2. 100+ Digital Storytelling Tools…part II
  3. Aniboom– animation studio
  4. Animoto– create video slide shows
  5. Big Universe– for younger childrenBlurb– prices start at $10.95 (small book) discounts on quantity orders
  6. Bookbuilder
  7. BookemonBoomWriter– students write a book together; class gets one free copy (free shipping)
  8. Chogger– create comics
  9. ClassikTV– create a movie by adding subtitles to old movie scenes
  10. Creaza– suite of creative tools, including cartoonist, movie editor, audio editor and mindmaps
  11. Digistories
  12. Digital Storytelling with the iPad
  13. DigiTales– create 3-5 minute stories from these types: living memories, beyond words, itza wrap
  14. Do Ink– create Flash-style animations using a “simple and friendly vector editor
  15. Domo Animate– free animation website offers characters with dialogue, backdrops and special effects
  16. Glogster– drag and drop text, images, audio, video drawings and more; premium edition has no ads
  17. Google Search Stories– uses YouTube, so if your school blocks it you’re out of luck
  18. A Hotlist on Digital Storytelling
  19. JellyCam Stop Motion Maker
  20. Juxio– interactive posters for the classroom
  21. Kerpoof– make movies, cards, drawings,pictures, tell stories; for grades K-8; site also has lesson plans and teacher tools.
  22. Lightning Bug -assists students in writing a story from finding an idea to finishing the story
  23. Little Bird Tales– for very young children
  24. MapSkip
  25. Microsoft’s Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
  26. Mrs.
  27. Museum Box
  28. My eBook– create novels, comics, magazines, brochures
  29. My Story Maker– for younger kids; interactive digital story creator
  30. Myths and Legends– online digital storytelling site
  31. Our Story– create a collaborative timeline
  32. PicLits– students are given a picture with a list of keywords to inspire them to write a story about that picture
  33. Picture Book Maker– create an online children’s book
  34. Pinball– helps students get started with ideas which are bounced around
  35. Projeqt– visual storytelling
  36. Shiddoni– create an imaginary world with animals
  37. Simplebooklet– create online newsletters, presentations (education version)
  38. Smilebox– mix photos, videos and music into a multimedia presentation
  39. Stage’d– create animated comics
  40. Story Tools
  41. Storybird– “short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read and print
  42. Storyboard Template-choice of different templates
  43. Student Publishing– “Publish individual student stories or have them each contribute to a classbook.”; resources for librarians, teachers and parents; many FREE projects.
  44. ThumbScribes– online collaboration of poems, short stories, fiction, novellas
  45. Tikatok– for younger children
  46. Voice Thread– group conversations around images, documents, videos; Voice Thread in the Classroom.
  47. What-if Questions GenieWidbook– create, collaborate and share books
  48. Xtranormal-create online movies using their characters who speak what you write for them; $$
  49. ZooBurst-create a 3D pop-up book

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