Posted by: bluesyemre | June 13, 2013

How Facebook ‘Likes’ Reveal Your Intimate Secrets


  • Did you know that your ‘Likes’ on Facebook could expose intimate details about you as well as personality traits you might not want to share with anyone? Some things about ourselves we rather keep private, right? Most of us don’t openly share with the World sensitive personal attributes such as our sexual preferences, our religious or political views, how intelligent we are, how happy we are with life or whether we consume alcohol, cigarettes or even drugs. However, a recent study shows that it is possible to accurately predict a range of highly sensitive personal attributes simply by analyzing the ‘Likes’ you have clicked on Facebook. The work conducted by researchers at Cambridge University and Microsoft Research shows how the patterns of Facebook ‘Likes’ can very accurately predict your sexual orientation, satisfaction with life, intelligence, emotional stability, religion, alcohol use and drug use, relationship status, age, gender, race and political views among many others. It is quite scary that those “revealing” ‘Likes’ can have little or nothing to do with the actual attributes they help to predict and often a single ‘Like’ is enough to generate an accurate prediction.

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