Posted by: bluesyemre | June 14, 2013

New DRM (SiDiM) Promises to Ruin a Good eBook in the Name of Protecting It

  • Do you like to read authors that write with a subtle mastery of the English language? Then you’re probably going to hate this new idea. The Fraunhofer Institute, a German research firm with the motto “we forge the future”, is now working on a new type of digital watermark DRM. They want to move beyond the existing techniques of adding digital watermarks to the metadata and extraneous text of an ebook and instead embed identifying details inside the body of the ebook. In short, this new DRM (SiDiM, or “Sichere Dokumente durch individuelle Markierung”) would make changes to the story as written by the author with the intention of changing each customer’s copy in a unique way. The goal would be to find identifiers so that a copy could be traced back to the original buyer.

The Fraunhofer Institute:


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