Posted by: bluesyemre | June 27, 2013

Baghdad Library will be the first realized since 1970’s

  • British-Iraqi firm AMBS architects has just shared with us their design for the new baghdad library- the first public library to be constructed in the city since the 1970’s. informed by the sinuous shape of the drop-like peninsula and the arabic kufic word for ‘read’, the building will project out over a lake at the heart of the 1,200,000 square meter youth city masterplan. the revitalizing structure will boast the largest reading room in the world, in part due to a steel cable mesh building system that will allow a 80 meter across, single-span volume. the central architectural gesture is a double curved roof designed specifically to allow ample natural light to pervade the space through a network of skylights. the sweeping architectonic language remains a constant throughout the interiors, what with a cascading terrace and directional valley that creates pockets of smaller reading areas and event spaces. AMBS will use the opportunity of the monumental project to implement sustainable systems in the region, namely rooftop solar panels and a streamlined form optimized for passive cooling. while the library is but one of the 30 new buildings envisioned in the masterplan, the progression of so elegant a project shows a greater commitment to building an iraq that remains a cultural center, accessible place of knowledge and a beacon of centuries-long erudition.

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