Posted by: bluesyemre | July 9, 2013

Gargantua – Ash Grunwald (Australian Blues Rock)


  • After an incredible month of unbridled creativity, subsequent reward and acknowledgment, off the hook shows and media appearances of the like this talented bluesmen had not experienced before, GARGANTUA – the driving beast behind it all – is out of it’s cage. It’s an unusual tale in an industry that generally works at the velocity of slow-moving tar, that an artist makes the courageous decision to record something and get it out whilst the heart and the passion are still in it. Ignoring the norm of planning, prepping, shmoozing and overthinking the very life out of an album, Ash Grunwald’s fast-track release of GARGANTUA is utterly reflective of the entire album’s formation (not to mention it’s tempo!). Ash Grunwald, Scott Owen and Andy Strachan have had an awesome time making this record and getting back to the old school nature of jamming it out garage-style  – three mates coming together, sinking a few beers and just tearing their instrument of choice to pieces. And when a racket is made like that, by three of the most talented players in the country – holy shit – it near takes your head off.

‘…the stoner riffing of “Black and Blue”, the rocking “Mojo” and the cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” give it a sharp, timely twist. A decent, heavier diversion from Grunwald’s staple fare.’ Rolling Stone.


1.The Last Stand 03:24
2.Breakout 03:55
3.Acting Cool 04:25
4.Walking 03:01
5.Crazy 03:45
6.Black & Blue 04:17
7.Raw 03:36
8.Skywriter 03:24
9.Mojo 03:27
10.Smokestack Lightning 04:23


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