Posted by: bluesyemre | July 15, 2013

5 Ways to Fix Book Publishing

Earns Barnes & Noble


  • Is there any way to reverse the industry’s demise? Anis Shivani says the system dominated by executives, publicists, and agents needs to be torn down—to give control to readers. The Random House and Penguin merger has gone through. The Barnes & Noble CEO, lauded for his advocacy of Nook, has just resigned. Apple has been found guilty of e-book price-fixing. There is more than ever a glut of mediocre books, while authors, readers, booksellers, and just about everyone else involved in the book industry is unhappy. Do you like going into a Barnes & Noble and shelling out $30 for a book the store has decided is good for you, which is why it’s front and center and screaming for your attention? On the way out you’re greeted by a wall of discounted cookbooks and illustrated travel books no one wants. It’s a little different at the independent bookstore—if you have any left in your town—but you’re still limited by the top-down model of publishing, which decides what is written and what you should read. Not being part of a literary community, you determine what to read—by the day’s Franzen or Egan—according to reviews and awards.

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