Posted by: bluesyemre | July 18, 2013

An international comparison of social cohesion

  • Western societies have undergone major changes over the past few decades, and the future will bring critical challenges: demographic change and a restructuring of welfare systems, immigration and integration, globalization and international competition, shifts in values and technological advances in both the labor market and private life. What’s more, the countries of Europe and North America continue to struggle with the worst economic and fi nancial crisis since World War II. Tensions are mounting in crisis-plagued countries. In Southern Europe there is increasing concern about rising unemployment rates – particularly among young people – and downward social mobility. Young people in Spain are demonstrating for more opportunities to participate and better prospects for the future. In the meantime, many are leaving their home countries and going abroad, to Germany in some cases, in search of work and a better future. In a time of crises and rapid social changes, how can societies ensure that they remain cohesive?The Bertelsmann Stiftung wants to help build a sustainable, livable society – a society that fosters stable, trust-based relationships, a society to which people feel connected and in which they contribute to other people and the common good.

Full Report:

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