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The Inevitability of Automation: Robots in Academic Libraries (Online Educational Symposium), July 25, 2013

  • This month’s edition of the Online Educational Symposium Series will discuss trends in automation, artificial intelligence, and outsourcing. With cataloging and acquisitions being increasingly outsourced, and the growing power of chatbots and artificial intelligence to handle reference questions, staying on top of developing technologies is the only way we can maintain relevancy in library positions. On Thursday, July 25th, Edward Iglesias of Central Connecticut State University and Marshall Breeding, an independent consultant specializing in the area of library technologies, will host the symposium titled “The Inevitability of Automation: Robots in Academic Libraries.” Based on Iglesias’ book Robots in Academic Libraries: Advancements in Library Automation, this presentation will discuss the role of automation and the necessity to adapt to evolving systems and procedures in libraries.
Symposium Speakers:
Edward Iglesias
Central Connecticut State University
Edward Iglesias was born in Laredo, Texas and lived there much of his life. The environmental bias caused by living in a bilingual, bicultural society has permanently affected his outlook on life. As a result he is drawn to subjects that don’t easily fit description or are a blend of many things. His latest book Robots in Academic Libraries is a good example as the field of library automation and technology is always in flux. After leaving Laredo, Mr. Iglesias taught English at various colleges in Houston before deciding to venture into the world of libraries by getting his MLIS at the University of Texas. From there he quickly settled into academic libraries and has worked in the field ever since. Currently Mr. Iglesias is researching the role of maker spaces in libraries as a way for libraries to continue to be relevant and provide communities of creation for their users.


Marshall Breeding
Independent Consultant – Libray Technologies
Marshall Breeding is an, author, speaker, and independent consultant specializing in the area of library technologies. He recently concluded a 27-year career at Vanderbilt University, most recently serving as Director for Innovative Technology and Research. He founded and maintains the Library Technology Guides website; he has authored the annual Library Journal “Automation Marketplace” feature since 2002, writes a monthly column for Computers and Libraries, and is editor and primary contributor to the Smart Libraries Newsletterpublished by ALA TechSource. He has written seven books, including Cloud Computing for Libraries and Next-Gen Library Catalogs. Breeding has authored over 500 articles, news stories, or technical reports published in professional and academic publications.

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