Posted by: bluesyemre | July 25, 2013

On New Librarianship, Technology, and Innovation by Kate Kosturski @librarian_kate

  • My July has been taken up with the Syracuse University iSchool New Librarianship Master Class taught by R. David Lankes. It has been some time since I took (and admittedly, finished) a MOOC. In my limited experience, this has been one of the most engaging, something to savor like a fine wine or cheese. (Which is why I am glad Mr. Lankes told us that there’s no hard and fast deadline for the course unless we are completing it for credit!) The core statement of the MOOC is this: The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities. This part in bold is what I want to focus on today, particularly the “improve society” and “facilitating knowledge creation” portions.

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