Posted by: bluesyemre | September 2, 2013

10 Things (Some) Social Media Professionals Don’t Understand


1. Social Media requires a work ethic: You don’t just wake up with 10,000 fans tomorrow.
2. And you can’t buy that ethic either: I’ve seen people try and justify buying fans and followers. If the Department of Justice can’t do it with their $630,000 investment for better engagement, imagine how well you will do.
3. There is no such thing as a social media guru. Or expert. Or Ninja: This industry changes so fast. Expert titles are for tried and true arenas like finance, languages, and the history of Ancient Rome.
4. It’s about focus, not breadth: Are you on 10+ social networks? That’s cute. Spend time on the few that matter for you and your brand. Being on more than the ones you need to be won’t help your business.
5. Be consistent: Coming back after a layover with no content to post or share does not do anybody good — including me as the writer here. Social media is a contact sport.
6. Be Friendly: Politics included. Don’t talk about them — save that for the bar with your buddies.
7. Social media is not the beginning – nor is it the end: There is going to be something after this. Trust me. Calling yourself a ninja in social and letting that go for 20+ years is not going to help at all.
8. Being technical helps: Can you do HTML? Do you know what an API is and how to integrate Facebook’s or Twitter’s into your site? The new marketing requires a basic understanding of how to code.
9. Learn to Analyze: Social media is also not just fans and followers. Specific analysis on trends and how they affect the bottom line matters too.
10. Time is limited: Time is an illusion and social media illustrates this perfectly. Just because it looks tempting to post does not mean you should, and just because it has been posted doesn’t mean it needs to be shared again.


  1. So very true!


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