Posted by: bluesyemre | September 8, 2013

Pink Martini – Get Happy (will be released September 24)

  • Get Happy, the new album from acclaimed Portland, Oregon-based Pink Martini, will be released September 24 on Heinz Records. The 16-track album features bandleader Thomas Lauderdale and his “little orchestra,” as well as lead singers China Forbes and Storm Large. Additionally, the album includes guest vocalists Phyllis Diller, Philippe Katerine, Meow Meow, Ari Shapiro, The von Trapps and Rufus Wainwright. Get Happy is Pink Martini’s seventh studio album and was recorded at Kung Fu Bakery Studios, in Portland, over the past year. Lauderdale produced the album along with longtime collaborator Dave Friedlander. Highlights on the album include the opening track, a special first take recording of Phyllis Diller performing Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile,” as well as a duet by Forbes and Wainwright on “Get Happy/Happy Days.” The album also features songs sung in German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Farsi, Turkish and Romanian.
  1. “Smile” (Charlie Chaplin), featuring Phyllis Diller
  2. “Ich dich liebe”, featuring China Forbes
  3. “Quizas quizas quizas”, featuring Storm Large
  4. “Zundoko”, featuring Timothy Nishimoto
  5. “Je ne t’aime plus”, featuring China Forbes and Philippe Katerine
  6. “Yo te quiero siempre”, featuring Ari Shapiro
  7. “I’m Waiting for You”, featuring Meow Meow
  8. “Omide zendegani”, featuring Storm Large
  9. “Uskudar”, featuring China Forbes
  10. “Pana cand”, featuring Storm Large
  11. “She Was Too Good to Me”, featuring Robert Taylor
  12. “Sway”, featuring Storm Large
  13. “Kitty Come Home”, featuring Rufus Wainwright with the von Trapps
  14. “Get Happy/Happy Days” (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler/Milton Ager, Jack Yellen), featuring China Forbes and Rufus Wainwright
  15. “What’ll I Do?”, featuring China Forbes
  16. “Heliotrope Bouquet” (instrumental)

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