Posted by: bluesyemre | September 17, 2013

Evidence-Based Library Collection Management – an overview of available tools and metrics (A Whitepaper by Swets)

  • Over the past few years, many libraries across the world have seen their budgets cut, sometimes quite dramatically, and now face increasingly difficult decisions regarding purchases, renewals and cancellations of academic content. This can be a demanding process, because these decisions must be made with limited and imperfect information on the value each title provides to the library. However there is a powerful range of metrics that are particularly useful for assessing the value of e-journals and which enable librarians to approach Selection Management with real confidence. Selection Management encompasses everything from the validation of useful data and systematic analysis, to the actual selection and acquisition of content. It therefore enables librarians to make sound, evidence-based decisions. A major pressure on libraries is to balance the budgetary concerns of their institution with the demanding content requirements of researchers and students

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