Posted by: bluesyemre | October 7, 2013

10 must have academic twitter hashtags for teachers and student researchers

1- #Highered
This hashtag is used for anything related to higher education. Following it will enable you to access a wide range of resources and materials on higher education
2- #academia
As its name indicates this is a hashtag for anything related to the world of academia.
3- #edresearch
This hashtag is for educational research. #research is also another hashtag used interchangeably with #edresearch.
4- #edstudies
This one here is for educational studies and academic papers.
5- #PhDChat
This hashtag is for PHD students and professors and anyone else interested in the PhD life. This chat is weekly and is held every Wednesday.
6- #PhDAdvice
#PhDAdvice is  an asynchronous hashtag for curated discussions and conversations among PhD folks.
7- #ScholarSunday
if you are an academic,  use  #ScholarSunday hashtag to recommend some new Twitter users to your followers. You will also find what others have recommended for you to follow.
8-  #AdjunctChat
#AdjunctChat provides a great forum to discuss issues that should be relevant to everybody in higher education.
9- #PhDForum
#PhDForum is another hashtag for asynchronous discussions for anyone interested in PhD studies.
10- #AcWri
#AcWri is a virtual online forum where  academics (of all extractions, be it PhD students, Masters, or early career scholars, or senior professors) can discuss issues associated with academic writing.

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