Posted by: bluesyemre | October 28, 2013

A history of open data

Grotte de Lascaux II cave paintings in Montignac-sur-Vezere, France.

  • The open data movement has reached a new and significant milestone this month. It arguably began 24 years ago when Cern scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee first invented the world wide web. Last year in October, just four months after taking part in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, Berners-Lee co-founded the Open Data Institute with Sir Nigel Shadbolt. Within just a few months, the ODI has attracted multiple members, support from universities and governments, has helped dozens of startup companies, has set up certification for open data, and is holding its first annual summit next week at the Museum of London. As a promoter for open data practice, can the ODI kickstart a new social revolution as much as the world wide web has done? Will sharing open data become as established in modern life and language as sending texts and using Facebook? It’s quite possible.

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