Posted by: bluesyemre | October 30, 2013

IATUL Leadership Academy, 10 – 11 February 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

  • In a world of instant communication and networking, technological transformations and global interdependencies, information management plays a key role in the maintenance and further development of world heritage, as well as our standard of living. Librarians have always been the acknowledged authorities in information management, constantly changing its shape in terms of its dynamics and complexity. This is indeed a substantial challenge and responsibility for library managers. We have to navigate the library ship flexibly and efficiently through the waves of customer requirements and institutional competition, while at the same time considering ranking factors, employees’ needs, and limited resources. A university library is a complex cosmos within itself, and library managers must be able to count on their own expert knowledge in making the right decisions in a multitude of situations. How best to set priorities in the library’s mission? What are the pros and cons of team oriented processes? Which factors are apt to influence the working atmosphere in a positive or negative way? What are the worst time-sinks in the daily life of a library manager and how to prevent them? How can the organisational structure of the library be made more responsive and efficient? How to deal with quality management and innovation management professionally? Which assessment methods are the most suitable for recruiting, retaining and motivating staff? How best to transform library spaces to attract users? Which budgeting models are accepted most by faculty or other stakeholder clients? Can interlibrary networking contribute to a library’s service potential? The number of questions a library manager is confronted with is endless. The IATUL Leadership Academy does not propose to show you or your library directors where infinity begins or ends, but aims to suggest how to better move in between. It will help participants to develop insights on strategies and approaches that are likely to be successful in their own environment. At a two day workshop, Professor Dr Claudia Peus and staff from the Executive Education Centre at Technische Universität München, supported by three experienced IATUL library directors, will be conducting discussion sessions, providing management training and best practice examples for a group of twenty library managers.

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