Posted by: bluesyemre | November 15, 2013

Research: Cubicles Are the Absolute Worst by Sarah Green


  • My work station is an invading overlord. Belongings march across the long desk I share with several other editors, spilling out of my space and incurring into the neutral zones abutting my colleagues’ work areas. To the east, legions of books, papers, and sticky notes advance, led by a squadron of glass paperweights. To the west, my cotillion of tote bags, receipts, and forgotten coffee mugs blocks any retreat. But fortunately, thanks to recent research by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear at the University of Sydney, I know that my mess probably doesn’t bother my coworkers all that much. In fact, of all the myriad annoyances of office life, workspace cleanliness bothered scarcely 10% of workers — although workers in offices like mine, where there are no partitions, were bothered slightly more. (Perhaps because there is no Great Wall to contain the advancing hordes of a colleague’s stuff.)

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