Posted by: bluesyemre | December 4, 2013

How to remember strangers’ names – an expert’s guide

Jammy Pacman … now you'll never forget the name of the bloke on the right.

  • When Jonas von Essen, the new World Memory Champion, appeared before Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight yesterday, he was tasked with demonstrating his formidable skills by reciting the programme’s credits from memory. The maestro’s brain was no doubt full from three days of gruelling memorisation. Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to laugh out loud at what happened next. Beginning confidently, he proclaimed: “The presenter’s name is of course … Jeremy … errm … err …” After an agonising pause, he eventually managed to summon Paxman’s surname. But there’s something very relatable in his floundering: we all struggle with names, after all. I know I do – and I’m supposed to be an expert. Here are four tips and tricks that can make it much easier to remember a stranger’s name.


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