Posted by: bluesyemre | January 5, 2014

Best of 2013 by


Instrumental Song of 2013 – Ron Dziubla (Jub-la) – Bordello
Ron Dziubla’s CD Nasty Habit is full of impressive, in your face saxophone playing that always puts a big smile on my face. “Bordello” is kind of a blues’ ballad that is both haunting and beautiful.

Soul CD of 2013 – Jesse Dee – On My Mind In My Heart
The very first time I heard Jesse Dee’s debut CD on Alligator Records, On My Mind In My Heart, I thought this will be the Soul/Blues CD of 2013. Now eleven months later it is officially the Soul/Blues CD of 2013. Jesse Dee is a good songwriter with meaning full lyrics and grooves that seem like you already know the song in the back of your head.

Swing CD of 2013 – Big Papa and the TCB – Six Pack of Cool
This is the best jump blues roots sound you’re going to hear. Papa’s band cooks on “Drink Drank Drunk”, Big Bad Blues and Papa’s in Da House. As you can tell from the title these are going to be fun tails to hear. The musicianship of the TCB as well as the sound quality really makes you feel like they’re playing in your house.

Most Unique & Beautiful CD of 2013 – David Maxwell – Blues In Other Colors
David Maxwell is one of the best piano players around today. Blues In Other Colors is world music in a blues style with a fare amount of time spent on the near east. Some of the songs are more blues in raw feelings and emotions than as a twelve bar blues. I’d call this David Maxwell’s masterpiece but he’ll probably make a liar of me with his next CD.

New Artists of 2013 – Austin Young & No Difference
Austin Young & No Difference do have two self made CD’s out but this is their world debut on the VizzTone Label. Their CD Blue as Can Be is a fine blend of blues and rock with a few hints of country. Austin wrote or co-wrote all the songs. He also does a good job on vocals and plays great guitar. Remember Austin Young & No Difference because you’re going to be hearing a lot more great music from these guys. Great start.

Best Female CD of 2013 – Paula Harris – Turning on the Naughty
Wow what a CD with great upbeat songs that have a full band and the amazing singing of Paula Harris. When you hear Paula Harris singing you quickly realize she is delivering so much more than most of the vocalist have been listening to. Some of the winners Paula wrote are “Nick Of Too Damn Late”, “Turning Of The Naughty” and “Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore Blues”. Powerful.

Blues CD of 2013 – Lurrie Bell – Blues In My Soul
Lurrie has an authoritative sound of what the blues is to sound like both in the way he plays his guitar and also how he delivers the lyrics. It’s straight ahead good old fashion blues no blues/rock or swing just the blues the way it should be from your soul. Blues In My Soul on Delmark Records is Lurrie Bell’s best CD to date.

Song of the Year – Stevie Dupree & the Delta Flyers – “It’s My Life”
“It’s My Life” is an upbeat song about the struggles of life. It’s one of those songs you just can’t help tapping your feet to while singing along with Stevie. Great song. The CD Dr. Dupree’s Love Shop has other really good songs on it too.

Best Overall CD of 2013 – Dana Fuchs – Bliss Avenue
When Dana Fuchs came out with her CD Love To Beg in 2011 I thought that would be the best CD she would ever make. Wrong, Bliss Avenue is the best CD she’ll ever make. Dana’s voice is amazing because she can sing just about anything. One of the best country songs I’ve heard in years is “Nothing On My Mind”. “Baby Loves the Life” is a passionate slow blues song. The song “Rodents in the Attic” (written by Dana Fuchs, Ann Klein & Kevin Mackall)was very close to being song of the year. Musically its reminiscent of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” but with much cooler lyrics. “Bliss Avenue” is more of a hard-hitting blues rocker. Dana Fuchs and guitarist, Jon Diamond wrote almost all the songs for this great CD. Side note Dana Fuchs put on the best concert I saw this year too.


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