Posted by: bluesyemre | March 17, 2014

ER&L/EBSCO Library Research Fellowship


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  • EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L) will once again join together to offer a fellowship to support valuable research on trending topics of interest in the information industry. The ER&L/EBSCO Library Research Fellowship will provide up to $4,000 to fund researchers interested in conducting research on issues related to management of electronic resources in the ever-evolving information industry.  The ER&L/EBSCO Library Research Fellowship, formerly called the Information to Inspiration Fellowship, aims to fuel dialogue about issues of importance among library and information professionals in order to provide solutions that will benefit end users and meet institutional objectives. EBSCO will share the findings to inform and inspire librarians worldwide as well as encourage the exchange of ideas that will advance the field of librarianship and the careers of researchers.

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