Posted by: bluesyemre | March 25, 2014

Twitter Adds Tweet View Counts to iOS App

Twitter iOS Count


  • Twitter is currently experimenting with a new feature that, like posts to Facebook groups, shows users just how many times their individual Tweets were seen by others. It’s a move that, while useful, is sure to send some users – this author included – into a spiral of depression upon realizing that, no, your friends might not really care that much about your 140-character insight. According to reports from numerous Twitter users, a new “# views” item appears beneath the content of one’s post – but above the left-facing arrow – for those using the official Twitter app on iOS. For those using Twitter in any other capacity, like posting or reading via good ol’ Twitter dot com, the official Android client, a third-party app, or any other creative means for accessing the service, the view count currently appears to be an exclusive test – or full-fledged feature – on the iOS app.

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