Posted by: bluesyemre | April 24, 2014

Stockholm Public Library

Stockholms stadsbibliotek



  • Contemporary libraries now a day have a massive weight on them having to compete with digital libraries. Some integrate the newer technology, some choose to remain pure and house only books. So the question arises how to design a library that promotes its use. In some cases this problem can be solved simply by having the library be integrated with other programs within it to draw a larger user base. On the other hand, the architecture itself can be what draws the visitor in as it is able to captivate them and in turn have them ask questions that they want to seek the answer to. After all, no matter what sort of cladding or structure the building is made of, a library still stands as a place for learning, growth, and knowledge. The proposal for the Stockholm Public Library by Bundi Pradono Architects at first glance one would not assume was a library at all with its creative design. The idea for the design is based on a suspended slab set upon two large transparent pilotis, which is quite literally translated into the finished proposal. The concept itself, while simple, allows the form to provide multiple functions and benefits in the hopes that the building will serve as both a public venue and a research retreat.

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