Posted by: bluesyemre | May 12, 2014

Five of the most striking university libraries you will ever see


  • In an increasingly digital world, libraries are surplus to requirements, right? According to the Voices for the Library campaign, more than 10 per cent of the UK’s public libraries are currently at risk of closure by their local authority, and hundreds have been shut down in the past two years alone. From the cutting edge Law Library at the University of Zurich, opened in 2004, to the Trinity College Library in Dublin, which has been used by scholars since the 16th century, the images offer a glimpse into the world of university library design, and the many different forms that they can take. For universities, however, both modern and historic libraries are at the heart of campus life. A new book, Reflections: Libraries (published this month by ROADS Publishing), has collected 44 images of the most iconic library buildings, and it includes some inspiring photographs from some of the world’s best known higher education institutions.
  1. The Law Library at the University of Zurich:
  2. The Philological Library at the University of Berlin:
  3. The Royal Library at the University of Copenhagen:
  4. Trinity College Library in Dublin:
  5. The Sir Duncan Rice Library at the University of Aberdeen:

Libraries by Bjarne Hammer:

The Reflections series by Roads:







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