Posted by: bluesyemre | May 20, 2014

Creation of Master Archive Package (MAP) Webinar, May 27, 2014

  • This webinar will describe the process of creating a MAP (Master Archive package) JPEG2000 archival element in the Fraunhofer JPEG2000 software suite and discuss the benefits and drawback of this process and the use of MAPs as a standard for the preservation of digital film. While DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a universally adopted format for digital film distribution, many film archives preserve master elements as digital source masters in DPX or TIFF, while MAP is less widely adopted, despite being an actual well described standard. Basically, MAP is probably the most future proof package for digital film, but there is a lot of resistance towards it, because it is considered a backup format rather than a master format, i.e. most archives consider the DPX or Prores the most original and flexible format to keep, since it is what is delivered. However, if these formats fail, there will be no backup. This is a very relevant discussion within the Presto4U project, since it is about short term convenience versus long term redundancy/readability. This webinar is aimed at film archive digital preservation technicians and curators.

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