Posted by: bluesyemre | May 26, 2014

Ukiyoe Museum in Kyoto

  • A small ukiyoe (oo-key-yo-eh) museum in the middle of a random neighborhood of Kyoto with some interesting open hours. Ukiyoe is a kind of woodblock paintings. They are pretty famous — in fact, any image of traditional Japanese art you have in your head is more than likely an ukiyoe image. Some of the more well known ones include The Great Wave (it’s one of the default osx desktop wallpapers, mac users) and Red Fuji. After Japan opened to the West in 1868, Ukiyoe became a major inspiration to the Impressionists painters (such as Monet). I often say that HDR is a kind of Impressionism, so you might say ukiyoe was an ancestor of HDR in a way.


  1. its really made my day, hahaha


    • Enjoy then 🙂


      • thank you for sharing 🙂


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