Posted by: bluesyemre | May 31, 2014

Improving the Customer Experience: on the web, in the library, in the community by by David King @davidleeking

  • Customer experience is a strange brew of structure, community, and customers. Today’s savvy librarians need to focus on creating digital and physical experiences for customers so that they can quickly find information, make decisions, or participate. Librarians need to create experiences that visitors not only remember, but share with their friends. David Lee King breaks down the customer experience in a way that will help you remain an indispensable focal point of your community. People don’t want just goods or services from a business anymore – they want unique, engaging experiences built around those goods and services. It’s the same for your library. Our patrons are looking for more than a book – they can find that at Walmart and via their favorite mobile device. They want a unique, engaging experience built around “your stuff.”

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