Posted by: bluesyemre | June 23, 2014

21 Lessons We Can Learn From Machiavelli


  • In Mario Puzo’s The Godfather Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino in Franci Ford Coppla’s film trilogy of the book) took his cues from Machiavelli’s The Prince. Here are the top 21 lessons we could all stand to learn:
  1. You can get away with a lot if you are well liked.
  2. Choose your friends strategically.
  3. Conceal your true self.
  4. Be decisive with your actions.
  5. Learn from those better than you.
  6. It is better to be feared than loved.
  7. Read a lot.
  8. You can get away with a lot if you are well liked.
  9. You will be better at the things you enjoy doing.
  10. Be impressive.
  11. Prepare for the worst outcomes.
  12. Don’t be quick to trust anyone.
  13. Perception is the reality you create.
  14. Your apperance makes important impressions.
  15. Dont be fooled by flattery.
  16. Be picky about who you surround yourself with.
  17. Crush your competition; business is a war.
  18. Make friends with people who can help you.
  19. Surround yourself with intelligent peoples
  20. Remain involved; don’t isolate yourself.
  21. Deal with threats immediately.


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