Posted by: bluesyemre | June 26, 2014

Survey findings point to the benefits and risks associated with academics using social media by Deborah Lupton @DALupton


  • While the advantages of social media are increasingly recognised by academics and universities, potential negative aspects need to be identified and managed by individuals and their institutions. Deborah Lupton presents the findings from her survey which underscore how social media can facilitate connection and sharing of material, however the speed and rapid churn of ideas, as well as the use of social media for self-promotion and PR purposes, contribute to increased time pressures and competitiveness. At first glance, academia and social media might not appear to have an obvious connection. Social media use tends to be viewed as frivolous or as an activity undertaken for purely personal reasons, such as keeping in touch with friends or family. These views are often expressed in academic circles. Yet some universities are now encouraging academics to use social media to engage with the public and to disseminate their research more widely. Academics themselves are beginning to realise the potential of social media use. As an academic who has experimented with using social media over the past two years, I am interested in researching their implications for higher education.

The Full Report “Feeling Connected”: Academics’ Use of Social Media:

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