Posted by: bluesyemre | July 10, 2014

The One-Shot Library Instruction Survival Guide by Heidi E. Buchanan and Beth A. McDonough


Faced with planning a one-shot library instruction session, librarians can feel hard-pressed to squeeze in all their library has to offer along with tips on the research process. Authentic learning with student interaction may seem unattainable in only an hour. But it’s not. The keys are communicating clearly with the course instructor, developing a realistic plan, and employing effective teaching strategies. With more than 30 years’ combined experience in teaching information literacy, Buchanan and McDonough invite librarians to turn everyday challenges into instruction that is meaningful and relevant for students. Supplying the knowledge and tools to make it happen, their guide

  • Provides communication and collaboration strategies to help librarians co-design information literacy sessions with course instructors, including “conversation starters” and talking points
  • Helps librarians focus on how to provide the most useful, relevant library instruction within the limited timeframe of a one-shot session
  • Presents active learning strategies and classroom assessment techniques that facilitate meaningful learning
  • Shows how to match the best hands-on activities to students’ stage in the research process
  • Gives solutions to common problems, like handling a less-than-ideal teaching environment, what to do when you’re running short of time, and dealing with difficult students
  • Suggests practical ways to use teaching strategies as assessment, enabling librarians to improve teaching and learning
  • Offers numerous real-world examples and case studies of one-shot library instruction

Filled with invaluable guidance based on decades of classroom experience, wisdom from the literature, and voices from the field, this resource will help librarians become better, more confident teachers.

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