Posted by: bluesyemre | September 9, 2014

Future Library (Framtidsbiblioteket) by Katie Paterson @FuturelibraryNO

  • An interesting – and pretty conceptual – art project from Scottish artist Katie Paterson highlights issues around the future of the printed book, and even the survival of literature. The so-called Future Library (Framtidsbiblioteket) for the city of Oslo in Norway looks to commit 100 unpublished works – one per year – to a century’s wait while 1000 trees grow in a Norwegian forest, awaiting the day in 2114 when they will furnish the wood to print those works in an anthology. And the first writer to contribute to the project is Margaret Atwood (via TeleRead )



Every Year for the Next 100 Years, Authors Will Write Books That Won’t Be Read Until 2114

Future Library, Katie Paterson (Watch Film)

Margaret Atwood

Press release



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