Posted by: bluesyemre | October 3, 2014

Mobile website or an app? Looking ahead to strategic mobile library development in Higher Education

ucd library welcome app in google play store

  • With more and more users accessing library websites via smartphones, what is the best mobile platform to facilitate access to the diverse collections? Ros Pan and Josh Clark report back from an extensive study into library website development. They conclude that at present time, the best strategic solution is a hybrid approach where a platform-independent web app is created that can be used on any mobile device. In 2012 the small and newly established Outreach Unit at University College Dublin Library successfully submitted an application to receive the ANLTC/Swets Award, a modest grant designed to facilitate some practitioner research in an Irish library into a hot topic. We wanted to clarify our understanding of the extent to which app development was being pursued in third level (HE) libraries, with some focus on the Irish context, and the range of content and services being included. We also aimed at developing a good non-technical overview and understanding of the options available to us for developing library apps, and to further our understanding of alternative approaches to addressing the needs of mobile device users in. As well as time spent on desk research, we undertook a survey of Irish libraries, ran a student feedback exercise at our own institution and made visits to libraries in the UK and Ireland to interview a range of staff for case studies.

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