Posted by: bluesyemre | October 9, 2014

What’s next? The Six Technologies that will Shape Our Future



  • Some inventions have become so widespread it’s easy to take them for granted. For instance, you never think twice about turning the lights on when we enter a darkened room. But think back to the last power cut you lived through, and you’ll get an idea of the difference that technology makes. Today it can be hard for us to even imagine the kind of change it made in our ancestors’ lives when GE invented the first practical light bulb over a century ago. But innovation isn’t over. If anything, it’s gathering pace. Even now, GE researchers are working on technologies that could change our lives just as profoundly as the light bulb once did. In Munich and at the other eight GE Global Research Centers, 2,650 of the world’s best scientists, engineers and technologists are working on breakthrough innovation in critical areas like health, energy, manufacturing and advanced analytics that will help the world work better. These technologies could solve big societal challenges and capitalize on huge technology shifts in cloud, mobile, big data, and connected machines. So what’s next in the world of technology?

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