Posted by: bluesyemre | October 15, 2014

Loud Eating in the Library!


  • Picture this – you are sitting in a quiet corner of a library reading your favourite book. The calm ambience allows you to completely immerse yourself in the written world before you. Just then, you hear the loud and rather irritating sound of someone ripping open a bag of chips and munching on a few. How would you react? Well, imagine no further. A YouTube channel just pulled this very prank on people at a public library; and their reactions are hilarious. The team of pranksters executes this practical joke with so much precision, you’ll be in splits. They eat full-sized watermelons with their bare hands, break bread with their bare hands, gurgle down cans of sodas, and even eat cabbage like it were an apple – all in the noisiest manner possible, just to irritate fellow readers. While the chomping, crunching and burping sounds made some people laugh uncontrollably, others were thoroughly annoyed. One even requested the sound-maker not to “sit exactly behind me.” Take a look at this very cool yet slightly gross prank and tell us how you would react in this situation.


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