Posted by: bluesyemre | November 6, 2014

ACCUCOMS Prepares for Restart as Founder and Managing Director, Pinar Erzin Buys Back the Company


6 November 2014 | Leiden, The Netherlands – Accucoms, the leading provider of sales and marketing services for publishers with headquarters in Leiden, The Netherlands, has been bought back by founder and managing director Pinar Erzin, together with key management: Egon Menardi, Simon Boisseau and Rakesh Malik. This news follows the recent announcement that Swets Information Services B.V., the parent company of Accucoms B.V. was declared bankrupt on the 23rd September this year, with Accucoms B.V. equally declared bankrupt on the 1st October. Stakeholders have been working hard to restart the company since the announcement of the bankruptcy of Accucoms B.V. As of today, the 6th of November 2014, Pinar Erzin has signed an agreement with the trustee in the bankruptcy of Accucoms B.V. regarding the assets of Accucoms B.V. to restart the company. Current staff of Accucoms will be re-employed and will continue to operate from the existing Leiden office address until the 28th of November 2014. Furthermore, publishers who are customers of Accucoms B.V. will be contacted shortly by the new company about the way forward and the continuation of projects.

Founder, Pinar Erzin, had the following to say, “We are thrilled to announce the restart of the company. It has been a difficult time after the news of the bankruptcies of Swets, Jongbloed and Accucoms. However, we are very proud to have our publishers on board with us in the restart. They know and understand the value the company brings to the publishing industry and we are very happy to say that they all persevered with us during this difficult time and for the continued support we are very grateful.” “Although the news of the bankruptcy of Accucoms B.V. came as a great shock to us, all staff members and stakeholders have been persistent and supportive. A restart comes as a new challenge to us but one that our innovative, flexible and determined staff members can no doubt succeed in.”

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