Posted by: bluesyemre | November 9, 2014

Trio Mandili – Apareka (The Georgian Band)

  • This Georgian folk song will entrance you. In the video, posted to Reddit on Monday, three women are shown singing a beautiful love song. Their voices seamlessly harmonize together as they film themselves taking a walk. According to the singers’ Facebook page, they are known as Trio Mandili, composed of Tatia Mgeladze, Shorena Tsiskarauli and Ani Chincharauli. A translated Reddit comment identifies the song as originating from eastern Georgia’s mountainous Khevsureti region and states the song is about a traditional courting ritual between a man and woman.


3 Women Harmonizing A Georgian Song Will Transport You To Another Time



“Look at the sky Apareka (Name of man in georgia)
The moon is aligning to the Datvisjvari (Bear’s Cross Pass in Georgia, dusheti).
«Why are you looking like that with your black eyes, girl?
Why you following me in attic.”
“We will be Equals today (Equals “scorproba” tradition in Georgia).
So that we can spend the night in an inspiring conversation.”
“Don’t try to Blow my mind.
Leave, listen to my words.
The night sky is covered in blankets of stars.
The moon goes up to Bear’s Cross
“Where are you, boy, i can’t see you
i wish that you wait for your Equal.”
The night passed in conversations
Morning approached, reach with mildew.
Dawn likes a bottle of “araki” (fruit vodka)
A bottle containing the necessary drink.
The equal brought the bottle with drink
The morning approached the noon
The boy drank his drink with a horn
And smiled fondly
The girl presented him food and lowered her head
“Say something else for khevsurian”
The drink blurred his mind a little
And the Equal is sitting next to him
“What dirty thoughts came to me, let the god be angry with me”
He got ashamed of himself and lost his colour
And left in the direction of Bear’s Cross on his way to Khakhmati.

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