Posted by: bluesyemre | November 14, 2014

Success Strategies for Electronic Content Discovery and Access (A White Paper by OCLC)



A new white paper, authored by a cross-industry group of professionals from libraries, content providers and OCLC, identifies problems with data quality in the content supply chain and gives practical recommendations for improved usage, discovery and access of e-content in libraries. Key problems that prevent users from discovering and accessing e-content:

  • Data are incomplete or inaccurate.
  • Bibliographic metadata and holdings data are not synchronized.
  • Libraries receive data in multiple formats.

Library e-content is facing a data quality problem that directly affects a user’s ability to access library resources. Insufficient data quality negatively affects the performance and business outcomes of all segments of the content supply chain. Data suppliers, service providers and libraries have a shared interest in improving the flows of bibliographic metadata and holdings data that enable users to discover and access content. High-quality data increases usage, lowers the cost per use for libraries and increases the probability of subscription renewals.

Full Report


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