Posted by: bluesyemre | December 1, 2014

Beyond Shhh: Finding an Effective Library Voice

Cover of Toastmasters guide to Your Speaking Voice. includes image of young man speaking into a microphone.

  • In the past, we covered how to say no and public speaking skills (all librarians need them!). Now, it’s time to think about the mechanics of your actual speaking voice. In decades past, a well-developed sibilant “Shhh!” might be a librarian needed. Now, a day’s work in the library today might include explaining resources at the reference desk, soothing an irate patron, negotiating with colleagues, and presenting a plan to the community – and each of those demands a different tone. Vocal quality can affect your impact at work, from whether your voice trembles when you ask for a raise to how confident you sound when doing readers’ advisory.

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