Posted by: bluesyemre | December 4, 2014

The Canadian Book Consumer 2013 Coast to Coast: Book Buyers Across Canada

Canadian book buyers across the country have a lot in common. We buy more print books than ebooks, we almost always pay full price, and we’re most likely to discover our books online, though we prefer to buy them in-store. But some interesting discrepancies do arise in our latest consumer study, Coast to Coast: Book-Buyers Across Canada, among book buyers from Western Canada, the Prairies, Central Canada, and the Maritimes.

For instance:

  • Only 13% of Atlantic Canadians are likely to purchase ebooks, compared to 17% overall.
  • Central Canadians are the most likely to thoroughly plan their purchase: both which title to buy and when to buy it (35%).
  • Readers in the Prairies are most likely to know they can borrow ebooks from their local library (65%).
  • Western Canadians are slightly more likely to buy non-fiction than fiction (49% vs. 46%) whereas all other regions buy fiction first.

Full Report

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