Posted by: bluesyemre | December 23, 2014

Usus (A Community website on library usage)





Usus is the Latin for usage and this is an independent community-run website for those interested in the usage of online content. As such it provides a medium to discuss all aspects of usage in general and ways of measuring usage in particular. Usus is designed to serve librarians, library consortium administrators, publishers, aggregators, repository managers, as well as individual scholars.

Usus provides:

  • A  forum for community discussion on issues relating to the COUNTER usage reports, as well as wider usage issues
  • A place for COUNTER ( and SUSHI) to solicit feedback on future plans and ideas
  • A collection point for suggestions for new COUNTER usage reports and metrics
  • A source of  hints and tips on solving known problems
  • A list of vendors/reports with problems that are affecting the credibility and or usefulness of the COUNTER reports.
  • Links to other usage resources

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