Posted by: bluesyemre | January 5, 2015

Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life, And You Won’t Even Notice


A day before, as Google revealed its big plan at its annual I/O conference, it was overwhelming to conceptualize what this blob of digital services had become. Was Google a search bar that lived in a laptop web browser? Was Google a dashboard for your car? Was Google the Android tablet, being used to control an Android TV game? Was Google the system of white note cards, being sent from an Android phone to an Android Wear smartwatch? Was Google a magic blue button that lived on these cards, making anything possible with a tap? In reality, all of these notions of Google are true. It’s a series of services that have become our digital infrastructure. And in the very near future, Google will exist, not as something you need to understand as “Chrome” or “Android,” but as a conduit of information that’s on just the right screen at just the right time. When you check your watch at the train station, you’ll see when your next train is arriving. But when you check that same watch at work, you’ll see the most important email from your boss. That watch will unlock your computer—no need to use a password—and your email will be waiting. Walk away mid-response, no problem. Your phone has the email waiting on its screen, cursor blinking mid-sentence, as you walk to your meeting.

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