Posted by: bluesyemre | January 11, 2015

Strategic Plan 2015-2018 by the National Library of the Netherlands


The power of our network’ is the slogan that accompanies the KB Strategic Plan 2015-2018. It is published on the eve of a drastic change, the implementation of the Public Library Provisions System Act (Wsob) on 1 January 2015.
Under this act, the KB will play a central role in the field of public libraries too, something it has been doing for years in terms of scholarly information provision. The KB will now be able to fully live up to its title of ‘national library. The strategic priorities for 2015-2018 are: 1. To realise the national digital library 2. Reinforcing national and international cooperation. The realization of the national digital library with all partners from the various domains will be our main challenge during the next policy period. This is a specific ambition we will be realising with others, one that requires the knowledge and experience of others. As such, the second strategic priority is aimed at the context in which we operate: learning from others and acting in consultation with them. This is realised by developing ourselves through national and international cooperation and research and by reinforcing cooperation throughout the Dutch library field.

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