Posted by: bluesyemre | February 1, 2015

ÇerÇöp Çorbacılar- Leftover soupers (Israf edilen yiyecekleri sıcak çorbaya dönüştüren doğa ve insan dostu hareket)


  • Israf edilen yiyecekleri toplayan, geri kazandıran, herkes için sıcak çorba sunan doğa ve insan dostu hareket! Herkese yetecek yemeğin, çöpe gitmesine dur diyen; birlikte pişirmenin ve yemenin birleştirici gücüne inanan çorba.. Sadece çorba!

    Leftover soupers, We want to show the world that leftover food is not for the bin, This is a non-affiliated movement started by three friends. We don’t care for money and we don’t use other living beings to make our soup
    We don’t use products that harm the world
    We make our soups through a collective effort, not individually. We want to show that in order to live one does not have to buy anything. We know that soup keeps you full for longer than other foods, we take great care that our soup is nutritious. We share our soup with anyone who’s hungry. We are about the community, not individualism.



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