Posted by: bluesyemre | February 9, 2015

Independent Library Report for England

lib rep

The public library service in England is at a crossroads. For 150 years, library services have been run by local government, with oversight from central government. Libraries already deliver a wide range of facilities and services within local communities, and, given sharply reducing budgets, and changing needs, there are keen concerns about continuing to provide these vital functions. Many local authorities are delivering impressive and comprehensive library services. Their delivery and management is innovative as well as excellent. The need now is to build on and extend those practices to benefit every library in the country. Central government therefore commissioned me, with the help of my advisory panel – Sue Charteris, Janene Cox, Luke Johnson, Roly Keating, Caroline Michel, Stephen Page and Joanna Trollope – to investigate how the public library system could best work, in the future. It has taken us seven months. We have visited large numbers of libraries, both urban and rural, discussed the issues and challenges facing libraries at length with local government, considered over 200 submissions of written evidence, and heard invited oral evidence from many of the above including distinguished bodies such as Arts Council England. All our evidence has been gathered with an acute awareness of the sustained and severe financial situation affecting everyone, the rapid pace of current change, and the imperative that noone is left behind.

Full Report

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