Posted by: bluesyemre | February 12, 2015

Lessons for the Digital Age From a 500-Year-Old Publishing Revolution by Danna Staaf


For centuries, scientists disseminated their research in journals that large publishers printed and distributed. At the time, that made sense. But in the Internet age, many scientists are questioning this process. Why shouldn’t they just post articles online, free for everyone to read? It’s not just scientific publishing that faces change, of course. Digital technology, from e-books to blogs to Twitter, has thrown the whole publishing world into confusion. Pundits pontificate on the future of the press, and bibliophiles blubber over the future of books. Nothing like this has ever happened before—or has it? Actually, 500 years ago in Europe, a newfangled thing called “printing” set the stage for major social and scientific upheaval.

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