Posted by: bluesyemre | March 17, 2015

Google Just Made Near-Infinite Storage Cheap And Easy


HAVE AN EXTRA petabyte of data sitting around? Today the company that has already amassed a huge chunk of the world’s data has made it easier to sock away a whole lot more. Google announced what it’s calling Google Cloud Storage Nearline, a cloud-based version of an old-fashioned way to store massive amounts of data too important to delete but not important enough to keep close. The service is designed for companies with very large storage requirements — on the order of hundreds of terabytes. Traditionally, businesses that want to archive data at that scale have turned to offline or “cold” storage, meaning that the data isn’t immediately available, usually because it’s stored on tape drives or other media and filed away in a vault somewhere. That saves costs by reducing both electrical use and the number of servers that employees have to maintain. But it means that anytime someone actually wants to retrieve any of the data stored on those drives, someone has to go and find the data and bring it back online.

Google Cloud Storage Nearline (Whitepaper)

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