Posted by: bluesyemre | March 18, 2015

In the beginning (Library of the Future – Keith Webster’s new blog)


Libraries are remarkable places.  They serve as the collective memory of society, indeed of our civilization.  They are places of inspiration, of learning, and of opportunity.  They offer opportunity for reflection and for interaction – with people, space, and technology.  And they offer a destination for knowledge creation – through words on paper and on screen, and through production of digital and physical artifacts in makerspaces. Ranganathan reminded us that the library is a growing organism – his fifth law celebrating the vital and lasting characteristics of the institution of the library.  He wrote of the need for constant adjustment, for fear that an organism which ceases to grow will petrify or perish.  Meanwhile, the process of growth takes in the new, casts off the old, changes in size, and takes new shapes and forms.  But he characterized this change in two ways, a slow continuous change leading to variation, and a sudden, apparently discontinuous change, a metamorphosis.

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