Posted by: bluesyemre | March 19, 2015

Plan To Establish Public Access To The Results Of Federally Funded Research by Department Of Defense


The Department of Defense (DoD) has released a “draft plan” outlining steps it will take to establish policies to ensure public access to articles and data resulting from its funded research, as required by the February 2013 White House directive. While the Department is careful to note that “the proposed plan is a draft, ” and is subject to further revision, it lays out a strong framework for the implementation of a DoD-maintained article repository, as well as a comprehensive approach to ensure access and productive reuse of DoD-funded research data.  Of note: unlike the other U.S. agencies that have released plans to date, the DoD will initiate a further formal “rulemaking” process – which will include an open public comment period – before finalizing its policies. Rulemaking is usually used by an agency to help flesh out a broad mandate by adding more detailed scientific, economic, or industry input to a proposed policy. On the downside, it can take some time to implement, and the DoD anticipates it will take about 24 months to complete. Final policies requiring public access won’t be in place until the end of 2016. Encouragingly, however, the DoD does not plan to stand still. In the interim, the Department indicates that it will move “aggressively” to implement a voluntary pilot program to support the submission of DoD articles and data sets by the end of 2015, and provides details as to how they plan to proceed.

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