Posted by: bluesyemre | March 24, 2015

Data Visualisation / visualisation literacy by Sheila Webber

dada visualisation

Yesterday I attended a workshop on visualisation literacy. This was part of dissemination from the Seeing data research project. I’ll skip straight to the “what might you want to use yourself” part, since there is a website which includes a section for people to work through, to develop their data visualisation literacy. It includes a “rate these visualisations” subsection This presents you with some real examples of data visualisations, and then asks you to decide whether you “Disliked it but learnt something”, “Disliked it and didn’t learn anything”, “Liked it and learnt something” or “Liked it but didn’t learn anything” and then drag and drop them onto a grid. In the workshop, we first of all examined visualisations and were told to place paper copies of the visualisation on the relevant quadrant of a paper copy of the grid. After this we had to stand up and stand in the relevant quadrant (e.g. “Disliked but learnt something”) of a giant grid pencilled on the floor. We were then asked to say why we’d gone into that quadrant. If you have the space, this is something you could do in an information literacy class (using either the examples on the site, or your own examples).

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