Posted by: bluesyemre | March 24, 2015

Tell Us What You Want, What You Really Really Want (First Results from a New Survey on Scholarly Society Membership)


Since the founding of the UK’s Royal Society in 1660 and the launch, five years later, of itsPhilosophical Transactions, societies and associations have been at the forefront of scholarly communications. Fast forward 350+ years and there are an estimated 25,000 scholarly societies worldwide, serving tens of millions of members. So why do these organizations continue to grow and thrive? Who joins them, and why? How satisfied are today’s members with what scholarly associations have to offer? How involved are they in the organizations they belong to? What are the benefits of belonging to a scholarly association, and what more could these associations be doing for their members? And, critically, why do some people choose not to join a scholarly society – or fail to renew their membership?

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