Posted by: bluesyemre | March 24, 2015

The doctor on your wrist (How will data-empowered patients change healthcare?)


If handled well, the rise of the digitally empowered patient could fulfil the wildest dreams of NHS policy-makers: a fitter, happier, more engaged public that sees the doctor less often. And when patients do make contact, they come armed with a diagnosis and data to back it up. Apps and wearable technology already exist that can monitor sleep quality, calories, heart rate and physical activity. Soon we’ll be able to track blood pressure, glucose levels, blood oxygen content, respiration rate and temperature, not to mention emotional well-being. It won’t be long before smart devices will be detecting molecules in bodily fluids and diagnosing a complex array of conditions. “Within 10 years, I am quite sure that most smartphones or other gadgets will be able to do a serious amount of diagnosis,” says Charles Lowe, president of telemedicine and eHealth at the Royal Society of Medicine.

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